Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these FAQs before reaching out

The Basics

It's not working, what should I do?

Try refreshing the web page you are currently on and then activate Mentionitis again

How do I activate Mentionitis?

Select ALT + M on your keyboard OR enable it on from the extension popup window.

Earning with Mentionitis

How do I join the Mentionitis affiliate program?

Click here, fill out, and submit the application form. To help speed up your approval, include things like social urls, audience size, audience engagement, etc.

What do I need to join the affiliate program?

You will need a Gumroad account with a verfied email address. It is free and is used to facilitate payouts and track your earnings.

What is your affiliate fee?

The affiliate fee for Mentionitis subscriptions is 25% of the sale value. It is earned each time a customer pays for their subscription and paid out weekly.