Too many tabs cluttering your browser?

Read better. Research better. Browse better.

Browse better.
Save better.

Focused reading and reduced context switching.

No more (unnecessary) tabs.

Bookmark links, and search content without leaving the page or opening a new tab.

No more forgotten bookmarks

Set reminders to revisit bookmarks you have saved.

Read better.
Research better.

The world's information at your fingertips

With integration with multiple data points, Mentionitis gives you access to information and facts anywhere you are on the internet.


Get access to the entire English language dictionary of terms and definitions anywhere on the web.

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Need some more convincing?

Here's a quick feature rundown

Quick link bookmarking

Save in-site links for later viewing

Highlight and search

Find business and individual information without leaving the page

English dictionary integration

Expand your vocabulary while you browse

Priority on privacy

We don't track or save any of your browsing data

Bookmark and Tab manager

Manage your bookmarks, links, and tabs all from one central location

Bookmark reminders

Non-obtrusive, in-broswer notifications so you don't forget about the things you've saved

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on every website?

Yes. Once the plugin is installed it seemlessly integrates into any web page that is opened.

Do you store my saved links on a server?

No. All your bookmarks are stored locally on your browser. Neither us, nor any third party has access to them.

Do I have to import my Bookmarks after installing?

No, Mentionitis seemlessly integrates with your browser's bookmarks, so you can continue to bookmark links the way you always have. You can also continue to import bookmarks from other sources using your browser or any other tools.

Will I lose my bookmarks if I accidentaly remove the plugin?

Absolutely not. Your bookmarks will remain saved in your browser.

Can I view my search history?

We respect your privacy and thus do not collect, or store search queries. Your search history will continue to be viewed and managed only by you, and can only be accessed and managed by checking your default browser history page

What is your refund policy?

Refunds will only processed if the request is made within 7 days of purchase. Only one(1) refund can be processed per customer.

Looking for updates, news, and insights on what we are building?

If you would like to hear from us, about what we are doing to improve the browsing experience, drop your email and we will send you some updates.

We sometimes also send out discount codes and special offers just as a 'Thank you' for betting on us.