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Supercharge your browsing experience.

Hello Mentionitis, goodbye tabs.

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Chrome eating RAM for Mentionitis no more tabs

Illustrated: Year 2022 (Current Era) Chrome eating RAM (pre-Mentionitis).

Bookmark on-page links, search, or preview social media handles without leaving the page... or opening a new tab.

How it works

Mentionitis is a browser plugin that conveniently intergrates into every website without you having to do any extra work.
Mentionitis as a research tool Mentionitis for Bookmarking

Mentionitis Demo


"In retrospect, it was inevitable" - @elonmusk

Do you work in the social media space? Research? Need an OSINT Business tool? Or you simply want to supercharge your browsing experience?

There's a plan for you.

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Quick link bookmarking

Save in-site links for later viewing

Highlight and search

Find business and individual information without leaving the page

Priority on privacy

We don't track or save any of your browsing data

Link highlighting

Automatic link highlighting

Twitter account previews

Live previews of Twitter accounts

Frequently asked questions

Got any questions? Try the FAQ section.

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Mind blown meme for Mentionitis no more tabs plugin

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