Bookmarking and Saving

Bookmark links without opening them first

Did you know?

You cannot bookmark a linked page without first opening it in a new tab?

This is the way it has been for decades and it's really surprising that it hasn't been built into web browsers after all these years.

So we decided to fix it.

The ALT + M keyboard shortcut for activating Mentionitis

Bookmarking links

How do I bookmark a link without opening it?

Alt + M, that's it. Every link on any page will be immediately marked. Click the dot, and save.

Viewing saved links

Where do I find the links I have saved?

Your saved links are immediately added to the Mentionitis popup, that lives next to your browser search bar. Clicking on it displays your most recent saves and can be opened with a single click.

Mentionitis Bookmark list on popup

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