Getting started

1. Downloading and setting up

Download the Mentionitis Extension from the Chrome Web store

For your safety, only download the official Mentionitis extension from the Chrome web store. We do not host the extension on any third party platforms.

Activate the Extension using the License key.

Don't have one? You can get it here.

Pin the extension on your browser.

Select the Etensions icon on your browser and Pin the Mentionitis extension

2. User Verification

User Verification

After Activation of the product using your unique license key, you will be prompted to verify your email address.1

Use the same email address you used when purchasing the license key. This helps us keep your key safe and will prevent anyone else stealing it.

1 It is important to verify your email address on the same browser on which the Mentionitis plugin is installed.

All done!

Now you can get started exploring the web with your new superpower

Get started with on page searching and researching

Discover more about on-page searching and using Mentionitis as a research tool

Learn how to save and bookmarking links and searches

Begin saving

Learn about all the extra features we've baked in to take your productivity to the next level

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