Mentionitis v1.2.0 is here!

Why this update is important

While building out our core search product, we realized that the way links get saved when using Mentiontis could only be as great as how the saved links are managed. This update builds more on the saving, managing, and modifying of already saved data and we threw in a few nice-to-have features to improve overall user experience.

So, what's new?

Window Manager

Manage all your active browser windows from a central location. Pin, close, highlight, search, and move tabs with our new built-in Window manager.

Bookmarks Manager

Create, edit, move, search, and delete bookmarks stored in your bookmarks folders. We took a data-first approach and keep all your links and bookmarks where they belong, in your browser. Uninstalling Mentionitis will not lead you to lose any bookmarks but instead will default everything back to your default browser bookmark manager. Tools come and go, data is forever.

Bookmarks Reminder

We built a simple reminder tool to help you get back to the links you save. Reminders are unobtrusive, meaning they don't alert (and distract) you when you're not actively using your browser. Your bookmarks folder does not have to be a place where your interesting links go to die.

You can at this time test out the Bookmarks Manager, Windows/Tab Manager, and reminders for free by simply downloading and installing our Chrome extension.

UI/UX updates

We've made the user interface better to help improve user experience when using the app. You'll have to literally see it to believe it.

New Pricing tiers

We've also added two new pricing tiers, Mentionitis Starter and Mentionitis Pro. All existing users have been moved to the Pro plan (as a thank you from us) and new users have the choice of choosing a lower-priced plan. So, which plan should you choose?

Mentionitis Starter: You're interested in some of the core functionality of Mentionitis as far as link saving and managing is concerned.

Mentionitis Pro: Everything in the 'Starter' plan as well as access to our Search, Dictionary, and research tools. This is for Pro users, researchers, students, or productivity enthusiasts who would benefit from our time-saving and data-rich tools.

Mentionitis ProTeam: Shh... we aren't talking about this yet, but if you would like to be an early tester for this tier we would gladly upgrade you (only available for select Pro tier subscribers) and add you to our testing team. Send us an email ;)

Technical update

We took a bit of time to improve the way we wrote our entire codebase (basically overhauled it) to make it easier to scale, add new features, and maintain. This not only means our codebase is more robust, type-safe, and secure but also means you won't have to wait weeks (or as in this case, months) to get new features and updates.

In conclusion

That's pretty much it for now, everything I can remember from this update. Of course, there are a few things I haven't mentioned (*coughs* a la DarkMode) but where's the fun in revealing everything? Go discover.

And feel free to reach out if you've got any suggestions for future updates, we always love hearing from you. Till next time!

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